We believe in long-term partnerships to help you grow your business and build value. We provide training and education for your staff to help make that happen. Our nationwide coverage affords you standardized quality, product and pricing, while our innovative technology solutions are provided by real industry professionals.


National Footprint

As one of the nation’s largest providers of floor covering for the single family rental homes and apartment housing industry, we maintain offices in strategic locations throughout the U.S. This geographic reach and scale allow us to offer you an unparalleled level of convenience and reliability. As your single point of contact for all floor covering installations across all of your properties, we help you to eliminate the cost and hassle of managing multiple vendors across regions.


Long-Term Partnerships

We are in this game for the long term. We believe in building strong relationships with our customers that will help you to grow your business and build value, sending profitability straight to your bottom line. Our relationships with a wide range of product and service providers across the industry, enable us to share many types of expertise.

We provide extensive management reporting to help you estimate and track expenses, as well as to understand historical metrics such as replacements by unit or home, installation quantities, flooring life cycles, etc. We support all of this with training and education for your staff to provide the foundation for working smarter and achieving success together.


Purchasing Power

Our national footprint brings the bonus of greater purchasing power. We can offer our customers the best value overall. No one can beat our ability to offer the lowest supply chain costs. Products are always available, not only due to our purchasing power, but also through our advanced inventory management system. Our solid relationships with our suppliers allow us to be integrally involved in advance product development and testing. All of this means more value for you.



We strive to provide you with consistency through the standardization of quality, product, service and pricing across your organization. From an operational standpoint, we create a working relationship which is based upon the security of your knowing exactly what to expect.



We understand that different products work better in different circumstances, regions and property types. In each of our markets, we have the ability to assist you in making the right choices at the right time, enabling you to provide real value for your customers.



Our ultimate goal is to lead the market with the latest new products and innovative technology. We have real industry professionals working both for us and with us in partnership to accomplish this objective. We are always aiming for a position on the leading edge and we plan to take our customers, partners, suppliers and employees right along with us.